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* Yoga for mommy – Mutsijooga

Kirjoitettu 4.01.2017 - annaolga. Kategoriassa arki, comics, everyday life, family-life, perhe-elämää.

joogasarjis_taina_netPublished in yoga magazine Ananda 2016. Yep, based on true story.

Julkaistu joogalehti Anandassa 2016. Kyllä vain, saattaa perustua tositapahtumiin.

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* Aamulenkki Morning jogging

Kirjoitettu 21.10.2013 - annaolga. Kategoriassa diary.

* Erilainen lotushetki

Kirjoitettu 9.10.2013 - annaolga. Kategoriassa arki, everyday life.

 Varsin huumaava aloitus tälle päivälle… Bonuksena keittiössä hajosi pullo chilikastiketta…

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* Eksyksissä tutuilla kulmilla – Lost, so so lost

Kirjoitettu 8.02.2013 - annaolga. Kategoriassa arki, everyday life.

One thinks to already know these streets and corners. Yeah, why not to take a shortcut, our study is only about 300 meters to that direction!

But… today these blocks are liquid, they refuse to follow the laws of physic. This is how the route SHOULD look like. But know street between the warehouses swallows the wanderer to spit one out in the awkward corner, which looks familiar but does not lead where it’s supposed to. I keep on wandering around same spots  to find myself  in the dead end -again.  All the time infuriatingly aware of being ONLY a stone’s throw away from our study.

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* Tyhmä-Äiti osa 3 miljoonaa 3

Kirjoitettu 1.08.2012 - annaolga. Kategoriassa arki, everyday life.

Stupid mom screws up again… ”It innit BIG anymore!!!”

Niin tai näin, usein väärin päin…

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* Pääsiäisylläreitä

Kirjoitettu 11.03.2012 - annaolga. Kategoriassa arki.

Kohtahan se pääsiäinen taas tulee. Tää on siis viime vuodelta.”Yeah, let’s make a dough! (hehee)  But what!? It’s chocolate in there!”

Later… ”Look it’s a surprise! (Chocolate and a toy in it.)

(In U.S. it’s forbidden. Just in case.) ”What did you get from your easter egg?”


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* Huhtikuiset lätäköt

Kirjoitettu 12.01.2012 - annaolga. Kategoriassa arki, everyday life.

Monday. To the kindergarten via laundry. Enormous puddles on all the way. One can ford in them and see the grit on the bottom. Or slide (best not to slip) on the underwater ice. It said in the paper that spring shall come this week. That’s al right with me.

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* Vanhat, hitaammat, paremmat ja kauniimmat ajat

Kirjoitettu 2.01.2012 - annaolga. Kategoriassa arki, everyday life.

How about getting oldfashioned? No hurry. Always stylish. Some servants and long exposure time would do the trick?



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* Kusisia juttuja

Kirjoitettu 19.09.2011 - annaolga. Kategoriassa arki, everyday life.

Toukokuulta…     Maydays…      (some diary pages from May)
”No, no, look, you can draw in THIS book!”

But it won’t do…

Some moments later…       ”What!? So is this pee here??”

”Right. So the GOOD THING here is that this WAS NOT the best sketch book, but the SCRIPT book…

It’s quite messy stuff on THESE pages anyway…”
”Well, maybe this gives a good spark to get these stories done. To the next level.”

”But I could swear I DID put a diaper on that shrimp!”

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