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* Laihdutuspsykoosi Slimming Psychosis

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Enpä ole paljon päivitellyt, pöytälaatikoihin ja vähän muuallekin kyllä syntyy materiaalia, riittäispä vaan aika ja jaksaminen tuutata sitä useammin tännekin. Naistenlehtien maailma ihmetyttää ja kiehtoo edelleen, niin paljon ohjeita kaikesta, mitä tehdä, miten elää, miten laihtua, meikata, pukeutua, jne. jne.

”Gotta loose more weight gotta loose more weight gotta loose more weight…” Still confused and fascinated of the world in womens magasines, how much instructions do we need to our lives, really! How to dress, make up, etc. etc. This is kind of stuff I’ve been working on for a while.

”Måste banta hårdare måste banta hårdare..”pakko_laihtuu_1_net pakko_laihtuu_2_net pakko_laihtuu_3_net


Check also brilliant Beach Redo comic by wonderful Sling! http://www.kollasling.blogspot.se/2015/01/beach-2015.html



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* The happy envy post

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Today I’m feeling this stinging of envy, because it’s May, it’s sunny, the weekend is coming and I’m NOT going to Stockholms International Seriefestival (Comicfestival)!

Last year it was even warmer when I took my bicycle to ferry and got ready to experience SIS first time ever with some happy campers. And did we have fun! Some exhibitions, loads of new feminist shit from many authors, good interviews and panel discussions. Stockholm showed it’s best sunny side, I was so happy to meet some new people and feeling great about that we already had some old fellows to say Hello there! when met in the street. Biking around the town in the sunny mornings -Stockholm is beautiful with the old buildings and the seaside, the little islands and bridges and parks- that’s having the time of my life, like.

Of course we had to have also our proper tourist moment with Anna-Leena and spend some swedish kronas in the old town and eat well! And the owner of the restaurant tells that his son works at marvel and translated some Moomins to swedish. We are like: but Moomin was written in swedish, Tove Jansson was finlandssvensk, swedish speaking finn! He’s like: yeah, but it was written in finlandssvenska, the swedish spoken in Finland so it had to be translated to swedish spoken in SWEDEN!

Well that was new to us!

So today, I envy people going to SIS, but also feel so happy knowing there’s i.e. meeting with fantastic Dotterbolaget about some futureplans together. Rock on! But to relish my memories -some are bit blurry- I post some photos from last year, snif.


Some sunny Stockholm, huh?!

sis_2014_funpark_netNo time for amusement park, but having fun though!


Dotterbolagets awesome stand in the selling area. Love this swedish feminism for it’s attitude AND unicorns AND glitter!sis_2014_DB_net


Fanart from the festival poster of the 2014, which was made by brilliant Nina Hemmingsson.sis_2014_fanart_net

Panel discussion, canadian authors and publishers. sis_2014_kanukit_net
Have to take a check-out walk in the city.sis_2014_laugher_net

Some doublestairs. I like stairs, don’t know why, beside good training opportunities, though, I just like them.sis_2014_stairs_netStockholm by night. Not bad.





When I was young Stockholm was like waaay before Finland in fashion, when looking the people walking in the streets. So when you went to Stockholm for classtrip or whateva you would definitely visit H &M , Åhlens or other stores. Or the second hand places to get some cool stuff which wasn’t available in Finland. Now we were mostly only windowshopping – except the amount of good comics of course! Well I would have had some difficulties to choose from these anyway.sis_2014_varuhus_net

This I could have considered. Celebrating Conchita Wursts success in Eurovision 2014.sis_2014_conchita_netAnna with some pretty serious laydeez.sis_2014_anna_statues_netSee you in the future, Stockholm!!!





* Dietshit

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